1-Click Installer

We have made the setup of your chosen frogsthemes.com WordPress theme super easy with our famous 1-Click Installer. No need to run through long and complicated theme documentation anymore to setup your theme, just use the 1-Click Installer and have it setup in just 1 click. This is how:

Initial setup

Once the theme is installed you should be redirected to the FT Installer page. If not you can browse to it here:

FolioGrid Pro (Theme name) > FT Installer.

I’m Installing this theme on a brand new website

This option is perfect for brand new installations of WordPress with no active content, posts and pages. In 1-click the installer add dummy data to the database and setup all your options. The end result will be a copy (or similar) to our active demo of the theme. You can add/edit/remove any of the data added as you run through the theme options and get used to the setup. For further information of the theme options either visit the themes page on frogsthemes.com and browser through the articles related to your chosen theme.

I’m Installing this theme on my existing website

Use this option if you already have an existing website with live content. You can run through the installation steps and run 1,2 or all the steps in the installation process, depending on your requirements. This option uses your current database of information but will add additional information depending on whichever steps you install. You can remove the information added at any time.

Step 1 – Custom Menus

This step will create custom menus from the heirarchy of pages on your site. You’ll be able to rearrange the order of the menu items, remove and add menu items easily by clicking APPEARANCE > MENUS.

Step 2 – Theme Options

This step sets the default options for the theme found under ‘Theme Options’.
It can be run at any time, but will reset any changes you have made.
Note: You may need to select your front page and posts page under ‘front page displays’ on the page SETTINGS -> READING

Step 3 – Home Banners

Example of a special piece of functionality in a theme, will vary from theme to theme.

This step will generate dummy sliders for the home page for this theme under ‘Home Banners’.
It can be run at any time, but will reset any changes you have made.

Step 4 – Widgets

This step creates and places widgets in designated spots around the site for you.
Running this will archive any current widgets you have.

Step 5 – Image Regeneration

You may need to resize your images to fit into the theme. For this we advise you install and run the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, which can be found here.

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