Pages and Page Templates

WordPress is split between posts and pages. Posts are generally used for the news or blog section of a site and pages are used for more content pages such as “about”, “contact” etc that aren’t specifically time related.

When to Use Pages

  • For content that is timeless and applicable always.
  • For organizing content into pages and sub-pages.
  • For using theme specific templates such as a contact form.

When Not to Use Pages

  • When content is not required to be displayed in your blog timeline.
  • When you want content to be organized by category or tag. Pages are specifically by hierarchy.

Creating a Page

Creating a new page is simple. Log in to your WordPress admin and from the left menu select Pages -> Add New.

Here you then have the fields to fill in such as title, content, excerpt. There will also be options whether to allow comments/pingbacks or not, custom fields, a featured image.

Once the page is saved or auto-saved as draft, you will have the ability to alter the page slug.

In the right hand column there will also be the option to select the hierarchy of the page and whether it’s a parent itself or belongs as a child of another page. If page templates are created for the theme, you will also be able to select which page template you would like this page to follow.

Page Templates

Page templates are created to display content in an alternative layout. Most themes will have these added to them to allow more flexibility and control over the look of the site.

You can find more info on pages and page templates on the WordPress “Pages” pages.

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