Updating WordPress

Updates are often released to increase user functionality, usability or to fix bugs and security issues found in the latest versions. So they can be very useful and sometimes required to do so in order for you to get the best out of WordPress.

Updating WordPress is very easy and can be done completely through the WordPress admin.

Before Updating

It is recommended that you do the following before you update to a newer version of WordPress:

  • Check the current minimum requirements for WordPress in case they have altered since the last version.
  • Take a backup of your database in the unlikely event something goes wrong. All your posts and pages are held here so it can be important to do so. Details on “WordPress Backups.
  • Disable Plugins in case any plugins haven’t been updated to work with the latest version of WordPress. Once the update is complete you can activate them to check.

How to Update Automatically

You can update automatically by going to Tools -> Update in your WordPress admin. Then you simply need to click “Update Automatically” and the process should begin.

More details on this and also how to update manually can be found on the WordPress “Upgrading WordPress page.

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