Setting Up 365 Pro

We have tried to make setting up 365 Pro as simple as we can. Here are the steps you may take in doing so:

  1. Upload the theme .zip file to WordPress and activate the theme.
  2. Create a new page; this will act as the home page, so from ‘Page Attributes’ select the “Home Page Template”. Publish the page.
  3. Create another page, but this time leave the template as default. This will act as the blog page for your theme.
  4. Go to Settings -> Reading and for the option ‘Front page displays’, make sure ‘A static page’ is checked. From the two dropdown menus that now are accessible, for front page select the page created in step 2 and for posts page, select the page created in step 3.
  5. Now go to Appearance -> Theme Options. Navigate through the options so you have the site styled up how you think you want it and then save the changes.
    If you just want to quickly see the site, please go to this page and click to save changes. You can then go back and make any changes to the styling/functionality in here whenever you like.
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