Setting up Chameleon Pro

We have tried to make setting up Chameleon Pro as simple as we can. Here are the steps you may take in doing so:

1. Install the theme

Unzip the file you download from your account. Inside there, you should find a zip of the theme. Upload this to WordPress either via FTP or using the WordPress theme installer under Appearance -> Themes -> Install Themes -> Upload.

2. Activate

Now go to Appearance -> Themes and find Chameleon Pro. Click ’Activate’.

3. Using the FT Installer

Once you have clicked ‘Activate’ for the theme, you should be taken to the FT Installer page. This allows you to quickly set the theme up around a new or current installation of a site. Follow the on screen instructions to quickly set up the various options.

4. Theme Options

Now go to Chameleon Pro -> Theme Options. Here are the options currently available for you to control the look and feel of the theme. click through the pages in the left column to see what options you have and how you’d like to set the theme up. A description of what each option does is beside each one.

If you used the FT Installer to set the theme options already, default values will have been set, which you are of course free to change :)

5. Further Documentation

Please read our documentation on page templates, shortcodes and widgets to help you use those and to get the best out of this theme.

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