Adding Portfolio Items

Adding portfolio items in CreativeGrid Pro is simple.

1. Go to Portfolio Items -> Add Portfolio Item.
2. Add a title.
3. Add some content if you wish to do so.
4. Choose which portfolio type it is associated with in the right column or add a new type.
5. Under ‘Portfolio Details’ select whether you want it to be an image gallery or video item.
6a. If it’s an image gallery click ‘Set featured image’ in the right column under ‘Featured image’. Upload as many image as you require here for the gallery and once they are all uploaded, click ‘Show’ on the image you want to be the feature image and then click ‘Use as featured image’. Now close the popup and publish the post and you’re done! (No need to insert the images or a gallery into the post…it is taken care of!)
6b. If you are adding a video post, click the hosting site you wish to use e.g. YouTube and add in the code of the video you want to post. Add the height and width for the initial video and then click ‘Publish’.

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