Page Templates

We have created a few different page templates for use on Autos Pro. Below is a brief description of how to use each one.

Default Template
This displays the standard page layout with a sidebar. You can set the sidebar to be on the right/left if need be for each page you add. Yuo can also set a custom sidebar using the sidebar manager under CreativeGrid Pro -> Sidebar Manager.

Full Width Page
This displays the standard page layout in full width with no sidebar in place.

Contact Page
This allows you to add your contact details, a Google map of your location and a contact form to your site if you wish. You will need to select certain options under ‘Contact’ in CreativeGrid Pro -> Theme Options to get this fully working.

Home Page Template
This allows you to have a more professional looking home page for your site. The home page template should only really need to be used once. It is designed to pull out all your portfolio items and display them in the opening and closing sections.

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