Creating the Portfolio Page

Add the portfolio page
First you will need to add a new page under Pages -> Add Page. This can be named anything you like. Whilst adding the page; under ‘Page Attributes’, make sure you select the ‘Portfolio Page’ template. Add some content if you wish and hit ‘Publish’.

Add some ‘Portfolio Types’
Next you will need to add some portfolio types, so navigate to Portfolio Items -> Portfolio Types.
These are added pretty much in the same way that ‘categories’ are added in the posts section.
They allow you to group your portfolio items into certain sections.

Add ‘Portfolio Items’
Once you have added at least one portfolio type, you are ready to add a portfolio item. So navigate to Portfolio Items -> Add Portfolio Item.
Here you will see the options to add a title, description and featured image. There is also the option to display each portfolio item in the scrolling container of recent work that appears on the home page.
Don’t forget to select which portfolio type the portfolio item is associated with too!
Note: Portfolio items should only be added to one portfolio type; otherwise you will get duplicates on the initial portfolio page.

Portfolio Images
To add images, click the ‘Add an image’ button next to upload/insert on the portfolio item page. This should pop up the image uploader. You may have already added the image that will be used for the intro throughout the site for this item, but now you can add some more images that show on the inner page.
Simply upload the images and close the popup once complete. There is no need to insert them into post as the theme takes care of this for you and automatically pulls them out in order.

Portfolio Options in Theme Options
The options for the portfolio under Appearance -> Theme Options allow you a bit more control over the layout of this page.
You will need to select which page is the portfolio, so the theme knows where to link back to on the inner page.

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