Adding Portfolio Items

Adding portfolio items in Refresh Pro is simple.

1. Go to Portfolio Items -> Add Portfolio Item.
2. Add a title.
3. Add some content.

Extra Details

Here you have a few options to help give you the most flexibility in the functionality and look of the portfolio.

Tagline: This is the tagline that is shown on the main portfolio page when the image is hovered over. It’s a free text field, but try and make it short and snappy.

Gallery Background Colour: This is the colour that is used for the background of the image gallery (for video galleries this will probably not be relevant). Select a colour from the popup colour picker or add a Hex code manually.

Portfolio Type: Here you will need to select whether you wish to display your portfolio items as a gallery of images or a video embed (or neither!).

Video Embed Code: If you selected ‘Video’ from the ‘Portfolio Type’ option, you will need to paste in the embed code for the site you are using. Vimeo and YouTube are our recommendations to get the best results, but most should work. You can usually select the embed code by sharing it and selecting the option to grab the code from the video hosting site you use.
For Vimeo, click ‘Share’ and the embed code will show for you to copy.
For YouTube, click ‘Share’ and then ‘Embed’ and the embed code will show for you to copy.

Image Gallery

If it’s an image gallery click ‘Set featured image’ in the right column under ‘Featured image’. Upload as many image as you require here for the gallery and once they are all uploaded, click ‘Show’ on the image you want to be the feature image and then click ‘Use as featured image’. Now close the popup and publish the post and you’re done! (No need to insert the images or a gallery into the post…it is taken care of!)

If you don’t want the featured image to show in the gallery along with the other images (you may have created a set size thumb especially for example) you can select not to show the featured image thumbs in the Theme Options under ‘Portfolio’. Simply uncheck the box for ‘Show Featured Image in Portfolio Item Gallery?’ and save.

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