Adding Team Members

Adding team members works in much the same way as adding portfolio items.

Setting up the Team Page

1. First you should add a new page under Pages -> Add New.
2. Next select the ‘Team Page’ from Page Templates in the right column.
3. Fill out any options from the list of options that appear on the page as well as a title and any content you wish to display.
4. Publish the page.

Adding Departments

Next you will need to add some Departments. These can be added under Team Members -> Departments and work in much the same way as post categories, whereby you associate a team member with a department each time you add one.

Adding a Team Member

Finally you will need to add some team members.

1. Go to Team Members -> Add Team Member.
2. Add a title.
3. Add some content.
4. Select a department that the team member should fall under.
5. Fill out the Team Member Options and add a featured image/images if required.
6. Publish the team member.

Team Member Options

Here you have quite a few options to help give you the most flexibility in the functionality and look of the team member pages. Each one should be explained in details when you go to add an member, so it should all make sense :)

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