How do I update my FrogsThemes theme on my site?

If an update is released and you fancy a bit of the new action, you are more than welcome to grab the latest version (providing you have license to).

  1. Simply login to your account on our site, go to the Members page and then the ‘Themes’ tab within that page.
  2. Select the theme you wish to update and click download.
  3. Once downloaded, go to the Appearance -> Themes section in your site’s admin.
  4. Find the ‘Install Themes’ tab.
  5. Click ‘Upload’.
  6. Select the .zip of the theme you just downloaded and the upload it again (note: you may need to remove the old one before overwriting it with the new one).

Alternatively you can unzip the file and upload the contents via FTP over the current ones in wp-content/themes/.

Please be sure to always back up your theme files and database before conducting an update.

We’re working on a solution to update the themes form within the admin, so bear with us on that as it’ll make things a lot easier :)

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    Nicholas Lawless

    If I delete the theme first won't I lose things like custom CSS?




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