2015.03.16 - version 1.0.4

Previously the drag option of the google map was enabled as default, now we have updated main.js file in lib folder as it will check whether the site is loaded in mobile device or in desk top and if it is loaded in mobile then the drag option of the Google Map is disabled. Now when the user scrolls the page will move instead of the google map.  

2014.11.05 – version 1.0.3

Fixed padding issue on default page template.
- page.php

2014.11.03 – version 1.0.2

Updated Latest News shortcode so it has correct date on.
- lib/shortcodes/latest-news.php, line 85.

Responsive updates
- style.css
- lib/assets/css/bootstrap.css

2014.07.09 – version 1.0.1
- Fixed issue with staff and jobs being limited to 5.

2014.07.04 – version 1.0.0
- Initial release :)

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