Visual Composer

We’ve now introduced an exciting new feature into our famous FT Options Framework called ‘visual composer’. The visual composer gives our users the option to switch from the standard WordPress editor in posts and pages to a ‘drag and drag’ page builder with a truck load of shortcodes.

An overview of the visual composer

To use the visual composer simply create/edit a page/post and click on the button ‘visual composer’ underneath the title.

Once clicked the visual composer with appear in the place of the classic composer.

Now you can start using all the built-in shortcodes with a slick drag and drop interface.

Popular Layouts

Popular layouts allow you to create columns in the page. Simply click on the popular layouts drop down menu and click on the number of columns you’d like.

Once you build up your page with columns, you can add any of our shortcodes into those columns by clicking on the ‘content elements’ drop down and dragging the element you want into the column of your choice.

Available shortcodes

Here is a list of all the available shortcodes available under the content elements drop down:

  • Text block
  • Twitter Widget
  • Separator (Divider)
  • Separator (Divider) with text
  • Message box
  • Facebook like
  • Tweetmeme button
  • Google+ button
  • Pinterest button
  • FAQ (toggle)
  • Single image
  • Image gallery
  • Tabs
  • Tour section
  • Accordian section
  • Teaser (posts) grid
  • Posts slider
  • Widgetizes sidebar
  • Button
  • Call to action button
  • Video player
  • Google maps
  • Raw HTML
  • Raw JS
  • Flickr widget


You have the option to save the page you built as a template. Simply click on ‘Templates’ and click on ‘Save current page as a Template’.

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