FT Sidebar Manager

Every one of our WordPress themes have sidebars where you can add Widgets too including page templates for blog posts and pages. You can add any number of widgets to these sidebars but the limitations are they are set and appear on ever page/post. What if you only want a widget to appear on a particular page? What if you want a particular post to have different widgets to all the other posts? What you need is our FT Sidebar manager!

FT Sidebar Manager

Part of our famous FT Framework, the FT Sidebar Manager comes with every frogsthemes.com WordPress theme.

Once you have installed your theme you can find the FT Sidebar Manager here:

FolioGrid Pro (Theme name) > FT Sidebar Manager.

Create a new sidebar

Add a sidebar using the form by entering the name of your sidebar and clicking ‘Add’. Click ‘Save Sidebars’ to make the change.

Once a sidebar has been created you can add widgets to them under Appearance -> Widgets.

Now when you go to a page or post where you want to use the sidebar and select it from the dropdown in the ‘FT Sidebars’ options box in the right column. Once updated, your post/page will now use your dynamic sidebar instead of the default one. You also have options to change the alignment and to disable it if need be.

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