Post Formats

Agency Pro makes use of the following Post Formats in WordPress: Standard, Image, Gallery, Video, Link, Quote, Audio.

When adding a new post, you will have the option to select the format you wish using the ‘Format’ box in the right column. Once you have selected the one you wish to use, there may be extra options that you need to fill in under the ‘Post Options’ box underneath the editor.

Video Format Options: For the Video Format, you will need to paste in the embed code for the site you are using. Vimeo and YouTube are our recommendations to get the best results, but most should work. You can usually select the embed code by sharing it and selecting the option to grab the code from the video hosting site you use.

For Vimeo, click ‘Share’ and the embed code will show for you to copy.
For YouTube, click ‘Share’ and then ‘Embed’ and the embed code will show for you to copy.

Link Format Options: For the Link Format, you will need to add the URL you would like the link to post to. Enter a full URL (e.g.

Audio Format Options: For the Audio Post Format, you will need to add the full URLs to a .mp3 and .ogg audio file (this is so it can be accessed in all browsers). You should upload the files using the media uploader and then get the full URL to each. Alternatively you can pull the files in from a third party storage location and again enter the full URL.

For all other formats, content will be generated automatically from the images you have assign to the post or content added into the editor.

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