Contact Page Template

The contact page template allows you to set a page up for users to send you enquiries and also for you to add a Google map with your location on just like the this…

Initial Setup

To set up the contact page template:

  1. Add a new page under Pages -> Add New.
  2. Add the title and any content you require for the page.
  3. Then under ‘Page Attributes’ select the page template for ‘Contact Page’.

This will create the basic page for you with a contact form on the has validation and is sent to the admin email address of your site.

Google Map Setup

Should you wish to add a Google map to the page above the title, you can by going to FolioGrid Pro -> Theme Options -> Contact. Here you will find option to add a different email address to your contact form and also details to set the Google map up. You can even upload a custom icon to mark your location on the map :)

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