Setting up FolioGrid Pro

You’re a few quick steps away from setting up FolioGrid Pro.

  1. Grab a copy of the theme from your account.
  2. Either unzip it and upload the folder FolioGridPro to the ‘wp-content/themes’ folder on your server or use the WordPress theme installer in your admin under Appearace -> Themes to upload the zip file.
  3. In your admin under Appearance -> Themes, activate FolioGrid Pro.
  4. This should take you to our 1-click Installer upon activation where you can install dummy content or set up your current site to replicate our demo. This step is not essential and please read the instructions on the 1-click Installer before proceeding.

Now you have installed the theme you are ready to start adding some content :)

Please see our extra documentation on FolioGrid Pro page templates, adding posts and the theme options. Also the FT Sidebar Manager, FT Ads Manager and Visual Shortcode Composer that accompany all of our themes.

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