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In Real Estate Pro you have the option for 4 different types of home banner.

First you should make sure the home page is set up correctly and and option to display home banners checked on the home page template as explained here: http://www.frogsthemes.com/wiki/article/real-estate-pro-setting-home-page-news-sections.

The 4 types of home banner are as follows…

Standard Image/Text

Here you have options to add a banner title, sub title, main line of text and the banner image.


This banner is essentially an intro to the search page so they can quickly filter down for sale/to rent and a particular location or keyword input.

The options allow you to set whether it shows the location dropdown for them to choose from or a keyword box to search on; along with title, text and the banner image.

Featured Listing

For the featured listing banner, you are required to add the ID of the listing you wish to feature. This can be found in the URL when you go to edit a listing where it says ‘post.php?post=77′…’77′ is the ID you would add there for example.

This will then automatically pull out the title, price, featured image and link to the listing as a banner.

Image Only

As the name says, you add only an image to this one :)

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    Ciro Urdaneta

    Hello, I want to know how to setup the home banner to start automatically


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