This is obviously the key part of Real Estate Pro and we’ve packed the listings full of options so you can get the most out of the theme.

Adding a listing and managing listing sand the search should be fairly straightforward.

First you will need to set the listing search page up as follows:

  1. Add a new page under Pages -> Add New.
  2. Name it something like ‘Listings Search’ or whatever you wish.
  3. Select the templates ‘Listing Search’ under ‘Page Attributes’.
  4. Publish the page.
  5. Under Theme options -> General Settings make sure you select the page you just added for the option ‘Listing Search Page’.
  6. We would advise adding the ‘Listing: Search Form’ widget to the ‘Listing Search Widget Area’ under Appearance -> Widgets.

Once the search page is set up, you will need to add some listings. These are done by following these steps…

Creating the listing

  1. Add a new listing under Listings -> Add listing.
  2. Fill out a title and description for the listing.

Set the location, features and listings types

In the right column you can add Locations (and sub locations e.g. England -> London -> Knightsbridge) or select from ones you have already added.

The same goes for Features and Listing Types in the right column and these will work like categories does under posts.

You can also assign the listing to as many of these as you like and they can also be managed under Listings -> Features for example.

Listing Details

Under Listing Details you have options to fill out the price, status and a few other important options.

The units such as currency and measurement can be changed to your preference under Theme Options -> Listing Units. So you can change to any world currency.

The period option is only necessary if you are adding a listing to rent. So for any for sale listings, you can simply set it to ‘None’.

The ‘Visibility’ option allows a property to either remain on the site or be hidden once it is sold or let agreed.

Further Details

Once the main details are set, you can continue to add further details so your customers will have more of an understanding of the listing they are viewing.

For the ‘Listing Brochure’, ‘EPC PDF’ and ‘Floorplans’ options you can select or upload images or PDFs to display here. If you upload a PDF it will display a link to it on the site and if you upload an image it will simply display it on the site for you under the relevant tab on the listing page.

Location Details

Here you have options to set the Google map and streetview display in the gallery at the top of the page should you wish as well as setting it’s location on the map search.

The address can be added or located using the map and the pin placed wherever required on the map.

The zoom level can be changed per listing and the map/streetview turned on/off as you wish.

Listing Images

Firstly, you should upload and select a featured image in the right column that will display as the thumbnail throughout the site.

Once that is done, you can then continue to add extra images under ‘Listing Images’ to display in the gallery at the top of the page. You can add as many/few as you like here.

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    Andy Gale

    How do I add separate pages - For Sale and To rent.

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