Managing Agents

We’ve added the ability for Agent widgets in Real Estate Pro so you can assign agents to a listing and show details of that agent along with pages for all their listings.

Here is how you create an Agent:

  1. Add a new user under Users -> Add New.
  2. Fill out the details for the user as you normally would.
  3. Now go to edit the user you just added and fill out their full details. We’ve added some extra options under the contact info, to add a bit more interaction for agents on social media networks etc, so fill those out too should you wish.
  4. Update the user.

Now when you add a listing you should make sure that the author is set to be the one you want. If the Author options box is hidden make sure you set ti to be there under ‘Screen Options’ in the top right of the page. Listing authors can be changed by an admin user at any point should you wish.

Once you have created some listings, we would suggest adding the ‘Agent Details’ widget to the ‘Listing Details Widget Area’ under Appearance -> Widgets. This widget allows you to show as much or little of the details about the agent as you wish beside the property. It adds a bit of a personal touch to the site :)

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