The forms throughout Removals Pro are created using the Contact Form 7 plugin. When you activated the theme it should ask you to install this plugin, do make sure you do that :)

The beauty about using this plugin is that it allows you greater flexibility over the elements in the forms and where they are displayed.

To add a new form you should go to Contact Forms -> Add New. you will need to add the form HTML to the ‘Form’ option. These can be created however you like and compiled using the ‘Generate Tag’ option on the right; but we have coded some pre-built ones should you wish to use those.

Contact Form

To style the contact form as on our demo, you will first need to copy the HTML from this page: and past it into the Form box on your new contact form.

Now you have your form saved, you can go to any page using the Visual Composer, add the Contact From 7 element and select the form you want for that section.

Application Form

For the Application Form that is used when applying for a job, you will need to use this code:

Map Contact Form

For the Map Contact Form (like we have used on the home page of our demo) you will want to use something like this code:

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