The testimonials section is fairly straightforward to manage.

You can add a new testimonial under Testimonials -> Add Testimonial. Fill out the testimonial and who it was by and publish it.

If you go to Testimonials in your admin you can drag them around into any order you like.

Using Testimonials on the site

Now you have added the testimonials you have to the site, you will want to display them somewhere.

First you will need to add a new row in the Visual Composer display on a page; so add one. If you go to edit this row and switch to the Design Options tabs, you can add a background image should you wish. This will display full width across the row and act as a nice backdrop to your testimonials. Once happy, save this so it closes the popup.

Within the Visual Composer, there is an element you can add called ‘Banner’ which allows you to display your testimonials; so add this to a page.

From the options now you will want to select the Content Type as ‘Testimonials’. If you then scroll down, you will see you have more options relating to the testimonials. Set these as you wish and then save.


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