All of our themes are packed full of the same shortcodes for posts and pages, so you can easy switch between them and not risk losing any styled up content.

They’re really simple to add via the editor by selecting the ‘Visual Composer’ button above the editor if not already selected. Once that is done, it’s just a case of selecting the ones you want to add from the dropdown.

Popular Layouts

This dropdown has a list of layouts for your site. For example if you click ’1/2 + 1/2′ it will add two 50% width columns with padding between them. Then you can drop elements and add content to those. You can add as many as you like of these on each post/page.

Content Elements

Under here is a list of all the elements that you can create a shortcode for. You can either click it to add it to the bottom or drag it into place wherever you like.

Once added, it adds the default content for that elements. You can edit this by click the edit icon on the right and adding the values you require to the options available.


Here you have the ability to save page layouts you have created as templates for use again. It’s useful if you have created a layout that is used regularly or repeatedly such as ‘Team Members’. You can then select this template when you add/edit a page in future.

Custom Elements

There is a custom element for a ‘Case Studies Block’ in the Visual Composer which allows you to add add the carousel of case studies to a page/post. There are options attached for the title and sub title.

Another custom elements is the ‘CTA Block’. This allows you to add a styled and numbered CTA box as on the home page of our demo. The options are fairly straightforward here, but to get it looking right, it should be in a row with a class on it of ‘container’, which in turn is in a row with class ‘blue-box’. To do this, first add a new row, edit the row and add the ‘blue-box’ class. Then add another row to that row with a class of ‘container’. Now you can add the CTA blocks. We’ve added 3 per row, but you should be able to add as many/few as you like.

The final custom element is the ‘Testimonial’ element. To add this styled as per our theme, first add a row with class ‘testimonials-box’. Then add another row to that row with classes ‘testimonial-section container’. Then you can add the testimonials filling in the options required as you like.

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