Page Templates

There are 3 page templates to choose from when you add a new page in Driving School Pro. These are as follows:

Default Template

This one should be used if you are simply adding basic content to the editor (not using the Visual Composer). You can add a featured image which will display at the top of the page with the content then underneath and slightly indented.

You can use the FT Sidebars to select a custom sidebar, switch it to the left/right or turn it off which will make the page full width.

Pre-Padded Template

This will add the content into a pre-padded container so you have to do less with the Visual Composer when it is then used. It doesn’t however then allow for any full width elements.

Visual Composer Template

This is the best template to use in our opinion as it allows the greatest flexibility. It will require you to understand the Visual Composer a bit more and have to add certain custom classes to rows that we have created to display things in certain ways; but we have documented these on our wiki article about using the Visual Composer in Driving School Pro.

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