Home Banners

Adding Home Banners

You can add home banners under Home Banners -> Add Banner in your admin.

Once there you will find the option to upload a banner image.

Once added, save your banner and then add further ones if you wish.

You can move the banners into any order you like by going to the Home Banners page in the admin and dragging them around.

Displaying Home Banners on your site

Presumably you’ll want these on the home page; but in reality they can go anywhere; so open the page you want them to display on.

Now follow these steps to get them displaying:

  1. Make sure your page is using the Visual Composer and the ‘Backend Editor’ view.
  2. Click ‘Add row’.
  3. Click ‘Add element’ and select the ‘Home Banners’ element.
  4. Set the options in the popup that is shown and save.


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